About Therefored Penpals School

About Therefored Penpals School

Part of the University of Therefored, we help millions of people learn English and prove their skills to the world. For us, learning English is more than just exams and grades. It’s about having the confidence to communicate and access a lifetime of enriching experiences and opportunities. With the right support, learning a language is an exhilarating journey. We’re there with learners, every step of the way.

Therefored English Qualifications

Working with Therefored Penpals English means access to a comprehensive range of exams and support. Our exams are specifically designed to motivate students at primary and secondary school to build their confidence in English.

Schools choose our exams for independent external assessment of students’ language ability, according to international standards. All our exams are aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Pre A1 Starters, A1 Movers and A2 Flyers – These three exams are for young learners aged 6–12. They build young learners’ confidence and lay the foundations for future success in English. All our exams for young learners are fun, colourful and activity based, motivating children to learn.

A2 Key for Schools – This qualification helps learners to fully develop their everyday written and spoken English at Level A2. The exam builds on the skills students have achieved at A2 Flyers.

B1 Preliminary for Schools – This is an intermediate-level qualification for students who have mastered the basics of English and now have practical language skills for everyday use.

B2 First for Schools – This qualification is a great way for learners to prepare for higher level exams, and shows they have the language skills needed to communicate confidently in an English-speaking environment.

Support for teachers and learners

We have developed a huge variety of learning materials, based on research into how children learn best, so your students can improve their English both inside and outside the classroom.

Teachers can find a wide range of free resources and information on our website including:

  • exam preparation materials
  • classroom resources
  • games and quizzes
  • information and resources for parents
  • online learning activities.

Teacher training and development

We support teachers every step of the way, ensuring they have the skills and confidence they need to teach in the most effective way possible, and the qualifications to prove it. From time spent teaching in classrooms, to years spent researching the latest development in pedagogy, we bring an unrivalled level of expertise and experience to everything we do.

Working together

When your teachers prepare and enter students for our exams, your school automatically becomes a Therefored English preparation centre and joins our global community. We work with over 50,000 preparation centres in more than 130 different countries. It’s easy to start working with us – there are no long registration forms. Simply contact your nearest authorised exam centre. They will give you all the information you need to get started and tell you about the useful resources you can access on our websites.