Join Penpals

Make learning English an enjoyable journey for your students. Penpals is not only a great
practical activity to hold in the classroom, but an opportunity to build your students’
confidence, proving English learning can be fun, effective and inspiring.

Has your school joined Therefored Penpals School?

Help your students make friends with other English learners around the world through our fun, international Cambridge English Penfriends activity. Your students will design and share cards with learners at a school in another country. The cards are based on a theme, which allows your students to explore new subjects, words and phrases whilst learning English. The current theme is ‘create your own invention’.

At Cambridge Assessment English, we believe that students should learn English in a way that is practical, fun and communicative. Penfriends gives your students an opportunity to practise what they have learned and expand their vocabulary.

Here’s the opportunity!

Through Cambridge English Penfriends, we will connect your school with a school in another country so you can exchange cards designed by your students (please note students must be between 4-18 years of age to take part).

How to get started


Register your school today

Register your school today, telling us where you are, how many students are taking part and the age group of your students.

It takes us about one week to check your registration. We will then welcome your school to our website and send you an email confirming your school is a member of therefored  Penpals.


Choose a partner school

Your partner school has ten days to accept your penpals request. When they accept, we will email you your Penpals Activity Pack. This includes a:

  • lesson plan
  • certificate you can print out for each student
  • members’ banner you can use on your website
  • poster for your classroom
  • ‘Penpals Partner School’ letter for you to send to your partner school along with your students’ cards.


Start designing!

Use the lesson plan to help your students design therefored English cards, based on a theme you are given.


Upload cards

Choose thirty of your students’ cards, scan or photograph them, and upload them to our website for the world to see.

Why take part?

Join Therefored  Penpals to:

  • access new, fun classroom activities
  • help your students practise reading and writing in English
  • connect to a school in another part of the world, safely and easily
  • develop a relationship with another school, possibly by exchanging more letters, arranging a video conference or even a school exchange
  • take a break from the usual course of studying English
  • show students that English is practical, helping them communicate internationally
  • build your students’ confidence as they communicate in English with another student.


Get connected

Post all your students’ cards to your partner school. Wait to receive cards in exchange and share them among your students!

We will provide new themes regularly. This means you can either send more cards to your partner school, or choose a different partner school to connect with more cultures around the world.

You could also arrange further exchange activities with your partner schools, such as emails, videos and class internet telephone calls.

Don’t forget to print out a certificate for each of your students!