Therefored Penpals takes its responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people very seriously. Only teachers who have registered accounts will be able to view cards uploaded to Penpals. Cards uploaded to the site that may refer to inappropriate images or words will be removed. Should there be any concerns or questions please contact the Penpals team.

Any cards that we feel are a cause of concern will be escalated to our Child Protection team who will contact the teacher who reported the card and the teacher who uploaded the card to Penpals.

We remind teachers not to include their students’ personal details that will easily identify them such as their full name and address. If Teachers are concerned about a card they can click on the Report button. This will remove that card from the site, the Penpals team will be notified by email which will include teacher’s name and contact details who is reporting the card, Card ID and Reason for reporting the card.